What We Believe

The Christian faith is all about Jesus Christ. As his modern-day followers we seek to live by faith in him, putting into practice his teachings, and reflecting his character. We don’t always get it right, but then that’s part of the good news of Jesus, which is all about forgiveness.

Christians believe that Jesus died on the cross to set us free from the power of the things we have done wrong. We are set free from their power to condemn us and to control us. When he rose from the dead he showed that we can trust his words and actions. The Bible tells us that because of what Jesus did, we can have a new life if we follow him now. His Spirit, The Holy Spirit, is the one who is at work today, making Jesus known to people in a variety of ways, but primarily through the words of the Bible as they are read and preached.

We meet together as a church in order to encourage each other along this journey of faith, as we worship the God and Father of our Lord Jesus, and learn from him. You’re welcome to join us: why not have a look at our services for this month?