Missions we Support

As a church, we give prayerful and some financial support to nominated charitable organisations.
Each year one tenth of our income from regular giving is split between the recipients..
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Light to live by

Scripture Union is a Christian Charity providing opportunities for young people and all ages to explore the Bible, respond to Jesus and grow in faith.
Established in 1867 in England and now a global movement active in over 120 countries.
They provide resources to work in schools and church communities. Read about the 95 Campaign which aims to reach the 95% of children and young people who have no church contact.

Voice of Persecuted Christians

Release International works through local Church partners in more than 25 countries helping persecuted Christians prayerfully, pastorally and practically. Oppression and discrimination against Christians have increased during Covid. Many Christians have been denied food and relief and are abandoned by families because of their faith. In Eritrea those fleeing persecution have been barred from refugee camps and are unable to gain support from UNHCR, the United Nations’ relief agency. Release International Partners in Eritrea are providing food parcels for some of these families

Offering the Bible to the World

Acts chapter 2 describes how the disciples, filled with the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, were able to be understood in their own languages by the visitors to Jerusalem for the Jewish feast. Years of hard work, supported by the Bible Society, have seen the translation of the bible into 700 languages which now means that eighty percent of the World’s population, some 5.7 billion people, have access to Scripture in their own language. The work continues with the Bible Society and its international Bible Society colleagues setting a target of a further 1,200 translations over the next two decades.

Making Mission Possible

CPAS works with churches mainly in the UK and Republic of Ireland in support of evangelism. Their work covers young people through Ventures and Falcons, developing parish missional leadership and acting as Patrons to many parishes including ours.
For Summer 2020 they had seventy-seven residential events scheduled across the country for children and young people from eight to eighteen. These have had to be cancelled with non-recoverable losses of over £150,000. On a positive note they have developed Virtual Ventures which have allowed their members to interact online by squeezing fun, faith and fellowship through the Internet

The Salvation Army Food Bank in Goldthorpe

Working with and providing for the needs of disadvantaged families in the areas surronding Goldthorpe

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