Pillars, Walls and Monuments

Consider how long these walls have stood, the storms that this building has weathered. Think of all the people who have stood before you in this very place. For centuries people have come here for shelter from their enemies and from their troubles. They have come to God for help.

The Pillars and Walls

Various parts of the walls and aisles were built at different times. You can see the different sizes of stones used. At the east and west ends of church you can see the signs of an earlier roof line. Throughout the church, but especially on the south arcade wall and near the east window, you will see carved saxon and medieval stones reused as building stones. One such is the dragon, above the easternmost arch of the south arcade and best seen from the front north pews.


All around the church there are monuments from various dates to local landowners, former rectors and curates and the dead from the great wars. They range from the splendid to the simple.

“The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my god is my rock in whom I take refuge.” 2 Samuel 22 v2-3.

Lord be my rock and my safe place. Protect me and my loved ones in all our daily battles, real or imagined, physical or spiritual.

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